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TAAL provides services, solutions, innovative products, business consultancy, and support for production processes.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to Virtual and Augmented Reality, through to IoT solutions, we create tailor-made solutions with highly specialized know-how.

We constantly work to guarantee our Customers a competitive advantage and the expansion of their business. We are present in Italy with 3 operational offices: Rome, Milan and Canosa di Puglia.

Certificati ISO 9001:2015 (ita; eng) per la “erogazione di attività di consulenza su servizi IT relativi a sistemi informativi gestionali e di automazione e per la formazione”, ISO 27001 (ita; eng) per il “controllo di un sistema di gestione della Sicurezza delle informazioni”, nonché ISO 14001:2015 (eng) per il sistema di gestione ambientale;

Secondo quanto previsto dalla certificazione PDR 125:2022 (ita), Taal si impegna a valorizzare le diversità presenti nei ruoli che operano nell’organizzazione e a mantenere processi in grado di sviluppare e l’empowerment femminile nelle attività di business. Per le politiche sulla parità di genere si rimanda al seguente link (ita).

Becoming part of Taal means entering an inclusive, dynamic context, where the creative contribution of the individual is encouraged and rewarded.


Each proposal from our working group directly or indirectly aims to increase the resilience of the organization for which we operate (be it an SME or a public body). We build resilient systems (resources and processes) in peacetime to make them able to better deal with change in all its forms and areas and ensure operational continuity during and after emergencies.

Our Team



Andrea Palermo

Sales Manager

Maurizio Verde

Chief Technical Officer – CTO

Roberta Licciardello

Recruiting Manager