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Portfolio - innovative projects

Taal, by virtue of his skills and know-how acquired in the IoT field, dedicates itself to innovative projects aimed at overcoming, step by step, the state of the art;


Sensor is a project co-funded by the Puglia Region with grant decision 1008 of 21 December 2021. It aims to develop a prototype of a portable, multi-component system that can detect the presence of chemical or biological substances in pre-defined contexts (urban, industrial, or agricultural) in a very short time. The system is capable of evaluating the dangerousness of the substances and identifying possible risk mitigation strategies. The system is composed of custom-built sensor technology: a LIDAR (laser) system, distributed sensor technology, a drone equipped with specific sensors, and a control room for monitoring, planning, and management. The project benefits from the partnership of Taal with the Quantum Electronics and Plasmas Research Group (QEPM - Department of Industrial Engineering) of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Thanks to Sensor it will be possible to define a new safety standard, raising the territorial resilience in terms of risk detection and management.